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50x100 Okan Hardwood Beams - Luxurious & Sustainable - Wal-Shoring

50x100 Okan Hardwood Beams - Luxurious & Sustainable - Wal-Shoring

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Discover the excellent quality of our 50 x 100 Okan hardwood beams at Wal-Beschoeiing, available in lengths from 3 to 5 meters. Okan, a luxury hardwood species from West Africa, is known for its impressive durability (durability class I) and its ability to withstand water, both fresh and salt.

These beams are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, with their natural color shades ranging from yellow and golden brown to reddish brown. Under the influence of daylight, the color transforms into a reddish brown/coppery shade and eventually ages into a stylish gray, which contributes to the unique charm of this wood.

Our Okan hardwood beams are an ideal alternative to Azobé wood, thanks to their strength and durability. They are perfect for various construction projects such as fences, pergolas, canopies, revetments and even for the foundation of scaffolding. These beams are particularly suitable for applications in civil engineering, where a long lifespan and resistance to the elements are essential.

The trees from which Okan hardwood is obtained can grow up to 60 meters high, often up to 20-30 meters without branches, which ensures high quality and uniformity in the wood. This heavy wood rarely deforms, making it a reliable choice for structural applications.

At Wal-Beschoeiing we strive to offer only the best Okan hardwood. Our wood comes directly from West Africa and is characterized by its excellent quality and beautiful, natural coloring. Using Okan hardwood in your projects not only guarantees a long lifespan, but also an aesthetically pleasing and strong construction.

When purchasing our Okan hardwood beams, you choose a product that is both practical and beautiful, perfect for anyone who values ​​quality and durability. We offer these beams at the best prices so you can enjoy the luxury and durability of Okan hardwood without compromising on your budget.

Choose Wal-Shoring for your Okan hardwood beams, where quality, durability and beauty go hand in hand.

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