Prolock Plastic Sheet Piling & Hardwood Revetment

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Welcome to, your expert partner for sustainable bank protection and hydraulic engineering. Our website provides detailed, step-by-step guides for the installation of Prolock plastic sheet piles and hardwood revetments. These manuals are designed to support both professionals and do-it-yourselfers in realizing robust and long-lasting waterworks.

Prolock Plastic Sheet Piling: Innovation in Hydraulic Engineering

The Prolock plastic sheet pile represents the latest technology in bank protection. Our manual for the Prolock Sigma sheet pile provides insight into the correct use of materials, installation techniques, and crucial tips for effective installation. You will learn how to:

  • Correctly selects and installs pine and hardwood posts.
  • Prolock uses Sigma screens and corner profiles effectively.
  • Install anchors and purlins for maximum stability.

Hardwood Revetment: Timeless Quality

Hardwood revetments remain a popular choice for their natural appearance and durability. Our detailed manuals provide practical instructions on:

  • Choosing the right hardwood for your project.
  • Preparation and installation of hardwood revetments.
  • Maintenance tips to maximize the lifespan of your revetment.

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Handleiding Prolock

Installation manual Prolock Sigma Beschoeiing for

1.0 General Preparation

Selection of Poles:

  • Choice of Material: The choice of your posts is crucial. For optimal strength, choose cylindrically milled pine posts with strength class C18 or higher. These are strong enough to withstand the pressure of the earth and provide the basis for your revetment.
  • Not Preserved: The posts should not be pre-treated with chemicals, so that you can enjoy an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.
  • Preparation for Harder Ground: In harder ground types, pre-drilling a hole or using water injection can make installing the posts easier.
  • Extra Strength: If you need more load-bearing capacity above the waterline, hardwood poles or steel tubes are a better choice.

Prolock shot

2.0 Installing Screen and Post

The Support Frame:

  • Construction of the Subframe: A well-built subframe serves as a guide and support during installation of the screens. Use sturdy material such as steel or hardwood and ensure a distance of at least 12 cm between the screens to be able to vibrate them perpendicularly and in line.

mounting bracket for prolock

Mounting the Screens:

  • Connecting: Connect the screens securely together at the T-end. Make sure the dark brown side faces out for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

photo of prolock partitions that slide together

Correct position:

  • Installing perpendicularly: It is important that both the screens and the posts go into the ground perpendicularly. This ensures a stable construction and prevents future subsidence.

photo of prolock high in the boxProlock mats that are vibrated downwardsphoto of all prolock parts neatly next to each other

3.0 Application of the Corner Needle Profile

Construction of Corners:

  • Up to 15 degrees: For slight bends you can use the existing lock connection of the Prolock system.
  • Flexibility: The Prolock corner needle profile is designed to give you more flexibility when creating corners. It allows you to create angles from 10 to 110 degrees without additional tools or complex adjustments.

prolock bulkheads that are placed in a corner without a corner profileprolock bulkheads that are positioned in a corner with a corner profile

4.0 Anchor and Purlin

More Firmness:

  • Placing anchors: Ground anchors hold your revetment in place and you place them every 100 cm to 150 cm, but check the strength calculation for how heavy and large your revetment is.

Installing purlins:

  • What are Purlins? Purlins are long, sturdy beams that lie on top of or behind the sheet piling screens. They distribute the pressure and help keep everything straight.
  • Getting Started: Place the purlins horizontally at the correct height and make sure they are level. Screw or bolt them to the posts for a solid structure.

Connect Everything:

  • Installing Tie Rods: Tie rods are the strong arms that connect your anchors and purlins. They ensure that everything remains sturdy, even if the ground moves or the water rises. Attach the rods from the anchors to the purlins, and tighten everything properly.

    photo of prolock sheet piling with anchor rod attachedphoto of prolock revetment complete

    5.0 Cover Laying

    The Finish:

    • Mounting the Cover: Attach the cover to the tube of the bulkhead for a nice and sleek finish of the top. Use 10 x 160 carriage bolts for this.

    photo of attaching coverphoto of attaching carriage boltsphoto of the complete picture of the prolock revetment

    A Tight Top:

    • Leveling: Make sure the top of the screen is level by cutting it where necessary. This ensures a good and professional looking finish.

    Alternative: Cover caps

    Aesthetic Finish:

    • Installing Cover Caps: The cover caps not only protect the end points of your sheet piling, but also provide a neat and finished look. Place them at an angle of 30° and secure them with stainless steel self-tapping screws.

    photo of cover that is placed transverselyphoto of cover that is properly installedphoto of cover that is screwed on

    6.0 Soil Filling

    The Finishing Touch:

    • Replacing the Earth: Fill the space behind the bulkhead carefully. Compact the soil carefully to avoid putting too much pressure on the newly installed revetment.

    photo of the soil that has been replaced behind the revetment

    With this detailed explanation of each step, you are well prepared to install the Prolock Sigma revetment yourself. For additional support, advice or required materials, you can always visit Together we ensure that your bank remains sturdy and beautifully protected.

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