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30 x 200 Hardwood Deck Planks

30 x 200 Hardwood Deck Planks

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Discover the Versatility of Our Hardwood Deck Planks (30x200mm)

Superior Quality for Shoring and Garden Innovations

Introducing our 30x200mm hardwood deck planks - an essential addition to any sheet piling or garden job. We offer these quality planks at competitive prices, ensuring excellent durability and quality.

Long Lasting Strength for Various Applications These hardwood deck planks are not only perfect for sheet piling work but also ideal for garden paths, terraces and other outdoor structures. Their resistance to the elements ensures long-lasting quality and reliability, especially in humid or wet environments.

Flexibility and Easy Installation With a wide range of available lengths, our deck planks fit seamlessly into a variety of projects. The uniform quality ensures a problem-free installation, so you can quickly enjoy the end result.

Natural Beauty and Robust Quality Crafted from premium hardwood, these deck planks combine natural charm with sturdiness. Even untreated, they retain their visual appeal for years. However, treatment with a suitable wood oil can help maintain their original color.

Recommendations for Effective Processing Due to the strength of the wood, we recommend pre-drilling. This makes installation easier and ensures a sturdy, durable construction. Use our recommended stainless steel fasteners for optimal results.


  • Dimensions: 30mm x 200mm
  • Available lengths: Various options
  • Wood type: High-quality hardwood
  • Finish: Immediately ready for use
  • Preservation: Untreated
  • Expected Lifespan: Long lifespan with proper use and maintenance

Ideal for Revetment and Garden Projects Whether your project requires an attractive garden fence, a durable terrace, or a robust revetment, our hardwood deck planks of 30x200mm offer the perfect solution. Enjoy our reliable quality for all your outdoor projects.

Expert Support Available For additional information or specific advice, please contact or call 0522-851551. Our expert team is ready to help you make the best choice for your project.

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