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50 x 150 Hardwood beams

50 x 150 Hardwood beams

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Discover the Power of Our Hardwood Beams (50x150mm)

Essential Building Material for Effective Revetment Constructions

Strengthen your construction and landscaping projects with our high-quality 50x150mm hardwood beams, which promise both strength and durability. Specially designed for construction professionals who are looking for an optimal combination of quality, functionality and value.

Sturdy Foundations for Various Projects These hardwood beams are ideal for creating sturdy revetments and other building structures. With reliable stability, they are perfect for both smaller garden projects and large-scale construction works.

Custom Lengths for Flexible Applications Our beams are available in various lengths, making them a perfect fit for your specific needs. Their strength makes them ideal for a wide range of structural applications, while still being easy to handle and machine.

Natural Beauty and Long Lasting Durability Crafted from premium hardwood, our beams offer both an attractive appearance and a long lifespan. Left untreated, they acquire a beautiful natural patina over time, but treatment to preserve the original color is also possible.

Assembly advice for Sustainable Constructions Due to the strength of the wood, we recommend pre-drilling. This simplifies installation and ensures long-term strength of your construction, especially when using stainless steel mounting materials.


  • Dimensions: 50mm x 150mm
  • Available lengths: Tailored to your project requirements
  • Wood type: High-quality hardwood
  • Finish: Ideal for construction use
  • Preservation: Untreated for authentic charm
  • Estimated Lifespan: Long lasting with proper use and maintenance

Your Reliable Choice for Construction Projects Our 50x150mm hardwood beams are your ideal partner for building reliable and durable sheet piling structures and other construction projects.

Professional Advice and Service For further information or specific advice, contact us via or call 0522-851551. Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the right materials for your project.

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