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50 x 200 Hardwood beams

50 x 200 Hardwood beams

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Experience Superior Quality with Our Hardwood Retaining Beams (50x200mm)

Robust Solution for Professional Shoring Constructions

Introduce essential strength to your construction and landscaping projects with our 50x200mm hardwood sheet piling beams, perfect for anyone seeking top quality and durability. These beams are a must-have for professionals who want to realize durable and robust constructions.

Optimal Stability for Various Applications These sturdy beams are ideal for constructing high-quality revetments and support a wide range of construction projects. They guarantee stability and durability, from landscaping to large-scale construction works.

Custom Dimensions for Custom Projects Available in different lengths, our beams fit seamlessly with the specific requirements of your project. They combine strength and flexibility, making them suitable for a variety of structural applications.

Durability and Aesthetics of Hardwood Made from first-class hardwood, our beams are characterized by natural beauty and a long lifespan. Left untreated, they will develop an attractive patina over the years, but you can also opt for treatment to retain the original color.

Recommendations for Effective Installation Due to the robustness of the material, we recommend pre-drilling, which facilitates installation and ensures a durable and sturdy construction, especially in combination with stainless steel mounting materials.


  • Dimensions: 50mm x 200mm
  • Available lengths: Customized for your project
  • Wood Type: Premium Quality Hardwood
  • Finish: Ideal for sturdy sheet piling constructions
  • Preservation: Natural and Untreated
  • Estimated Lifespan: Long term durability

Your Professional Choice for Construction Projects With our 50x200mm hardwood sheet piling beams you choose reliability and durability in your sheet piling and construction projects.

Expert Support and Service For more information or personal advice, please contact or call 0522-851551. Our experienced team is ready to guide you in choosing the right materials for your unique projects.

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