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60 x 60 Hardwood posts

60 x 60 Hardwood posts

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Discover the Strength and Beauty of Our Okan Hardwood Posts (60x60mm)

Top Quality for Construction and Garden Projects at Unbeatable Prices
Meet our high-quality Okan hardwood posts of 60x60mm, an essential asset for any construction or garden project. What sets us apart? We offer these superior poles at one of the most competitive prices on the market!

Long Lifespan and Robust for Underground Applications
Our Okan posts, with their durability class 1, promise an exceptionally long lifespan. They are perfectly suited for underground applications such as fences, fencing and embankments, thanks to their excellent resistance to moisture and their natural strength for wetland environments.

Versatile and Easy to Install
Available in a range of lengths ranging from 1 to 4 metres, our hardwood posts meet the needs of a variety of projects. Finely sawn and pointed for easy installation, these posts are designed for ease of use.

Natural Beauty with Sustainable Character
Known for its rugged strength and natural beauty, Okan is a hardwood with a deep, dark brown color. Untreated Okan wood develops a beautiful gray patina over time, or can be treated with oil to maintain its rich original hue.

Processing advice for Optimal Sustainability
Given the hardness of the wood, we recommend pre-drilling for optimal processing. Stainless steel hardwood screws are the best choice for a safe and durable mounting.


  • Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm
  • Available lengths: 1.00m - 4.00m
  • Wood type: Okan
  • Finish: Finely sawn, pointed
  • Preservation: Untreated
  • Lifespan: 20-25 years

The Ideal Choice for Sustainability and Aesthetics
Whether you want to install an elegant fence, create an attractive canopy or need robust shore protection, our Okan hardwood posts are the perfect choice for your project. Grab your chance now to benefit from our premium quality at the best price!

Contact Us for Expert Advice
For more information or personal advice, email us at or call 0522-851551. We are ready to assist you in making the best choice for your project and taking your plans to the next level!

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