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80 x 200 Hardwood revetment beam

80 x 200 Hardwood revetment beam

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Discover the Robust Elegance of Our Hardwood Retaining Beams (80x200mm)

Sustainable Quality for Hydraulic Engineering Excellence

Our 80x200mm hardwood sheet piling beams embody the perfect combination of strength, durability and aesthetics. Manufactured specifically for the construction of high-performance revetments and waterfront structures, they offer unrivaled reliability for professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Exceptional Durability and Performance

  • Dimensions: Wide and sturdy beams of 80mm x 200mm, ideal for strengthening waterfronts.
  • Length Variations: Available in 3m, 4m, and 5m lengths, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Wood type: Manufactured from premium hardwood, known for its resistance to moisture and long lifespan.

Specifically Designed for Hydraulic Engineering These beams are ideal for:

  • Building robust revetments and jetties along waterways and lakes.
  • Preventing erosion and stabilizing bank edges.
  • Beautifying watery landscapes with a natural and strong appearance.

Technical Specifications and Easy Processing

  • Finish: Finely sawn surface that retains an authentic wood texture.
  • Ease of Installation: Pre-drilling is recommended for seamless installation.
  • Combination options: Ideal in combination with our hardwood posts and special screws for a complete and efficient solution.

Aesthetic and Practical Benefits In addition to their functional benefits, these hardwood sheet piling beams contribute to the aesthetic enrichment of any hydraulic engineering project, with their natural appearance and warm tones.

Ordering and Expert Advice For orders or for expert advice, please contact or call 0522-851551. Our expert team is happy to assist you in choosing the right materials for your projects.

Choose our 80x200mm hardwood sheet piling beams for your next project and experience a perfect balance of beauty and functionality packed into every beam.

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