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Hardwood & Clear Wood Bulbs - Durable & Strong - Wall Shoring

Hardwood & Clear Wood Bulbs - Durable & Strong - Wall Shoring

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Discover the quality and durability of our half hardwood, half natural wood partitions at Wal-Beschoeiing. These unique bulkheads, available in heights of 120 cm, 140 cm, and 160 cm and widths of 2 and 2.50 meters, are the perfect solution for your sheet piling and sheet piling needs.

Our bulkheads are expertly handmade, using high-quality hardwood and bare wood. The hardwood is of class 1 quality, making it extremely suitable for constructions on or near water. Thanks to its durability, it can withstand the most demanding conditions. The clear wood, which is ideal for underwater use, is resistant to rot and lasts as long as the hardwood.

Our ready-made hardwood partitions are not only a practical, but also an economical alternative to making your own sheet piles. They are cheaper than traditional sheet piling solutions and, when installed correctly with sufficient piles, offer comparable strength. These partitions are easy and quick to install, which saves time and effort.

A unique feature of our bulkheads is the water-permeable and soil-retaining cloth on the back, making them ideal for use in combination with posts of 60x60mm or 70x70mm. This makes our sheet piling an excellent choice for both professional and DIY projects.

Each bulkhead has an additional shelf at the end, which simplifies installation by simply placing one bulkhead behind the other. In addition, the used 20x200 planks are also available separately on our website, which offers extra flexibility for your projects.

At Wal-Beschoeiing we not only offer standard sizes, but also customized solutions. Do you need a specific size that is not available as standard? No problem! You can easily request a quote via or call us on 0522-851551 for customized solutions.

Our hardwood sheet piling bulkheads are ideal for constructing a barrier near the water. We recommend taking the water depth, the bearing capacity of the soil, and the desired soil retaining height into account when determining the number of piles required. For optimal stability, use at least 5 posts per bulkhead.

Order your hardwood sheet piling partitions from Wal-Beschoeiing today and benefit from a fast, efficient and sustainable solution for your flood defense or garden wall.

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