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Hardwood screw

Hardwood screw

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Superior Stainless Steel Hardwood Screws: Complete Range for All Applications

Durable, Reliable and Ready to Use with Free Bit

Discover our wide range of stainless steel hardwood screws, designed to meet all the demands of your hardwood projects. With sizes from 4x30mm to 5x80mm, these screws are perfect for any application, large or small.

Variety of Dimensions for Precision Work Our range includes the following sizes, packed per 200 pieces:

  • 4x30mm, 4x40mm, 4x50mm – Ideal for fine, detailed work.
  • 5x40mm, 5x50mm, 5x60mm, 5x70mm, 5x80mm – Perfect for heavier applications and deeper fixings.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel for Long Lasting Performance Made from high quality stainless steel, our hardwood screws provide excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, making them ideal for use in challenging outdoor environments.

Extra Strong for Maximum Holding Power These screws are designed to provide maximum grip and holding power, even in the most demanding hardwoods. The high tensile strength guarantees that your constructions are sturdy and reliable.

Ready to use with Free Bit Each package contains a free bit, perfectly matched to the head of the screw for a quick and efficient installation. This means less time wasted searching for the right tools and more time spent completing your project.

Ideal for Various Applications From building fences to constructing terraces and embankments, our hardwood screws are the reliable choice for all projects.

Fast Delivery and Professional Support Order now on our website and benefit from our fast delivery. Do you have questions or need advice? Contact us at or call 0522-851551. We are ready to support you in choosing the right screws for your project.

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