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Hardwood Shoring Bulbs: Durable & Strong - Wal-Shoring

Hardwood Shoring Bulbs: Durable & Strong - Wal-Shoring

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Discover our hardwood sheet piling partitions at Wal-Beschoeiing, the ideal solution for durable and sturdy flood defenses and sheet pile walls. Our solid hardwood partitions are available in standard sizes of 80 cm, 100 cm high and lengths of 2 meters and 2.50 meters. These sheet piling bulkheads are manufactured in our own workshop, using top quality hardwood known for its durability and strength, perfect for waterfront structures.

One of the biggest advantages of our hardwood partitions is their versatility. They are not only ideal for use as sheet piling or revetment, but also as a wall barrier in your garden. Thanks to the water-permeable and soil-retaining cloth that is attached to the rear as standard, our sheet piling bulkheads are a ready-made solution that saves time and effort.

At Wal-Beschoeiing we understand that every situation is unique. That is why we also offer customization for those who need a different size. You can easily request a quote via or call 0522-851551 for personal advice and tailor-made solutions.

Our hardwood bulkheads are not only an affordable option, but when installed correctly with sufficient posts, they are at least as strong as traditional sheet piles. They are easy to install, even partly under water, so your flood defense can be realized quickly and efficiently. This makes them an excellent choice for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

The planks used are 20 x 200 planks, which can also be purchased separately on our website. Each bulkhead is equipped with an additional plank at the end (clamp-on bulkhead), which facilitates installation by simply placing one retaining wall behind the next. This provides a simple, solid and aesthetically pleasing solution.

We advise our customers to take the water depth, the bearing capacity of the soil and the soil retaining height into account when installing the sheet piling. Our experts are ready to help you choose the right hardwood posts and the optimal installation method.

Discover the convenience and quality of our hardwood sheet piling now at . Order today for the best price and ensure a durable and strong flood defense.

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