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Rings Galvanized

Rings Galvanized

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Galvanized Rings Collection: Body Rings, Washers and Square Washers

Your Reliable Partner for Every Anchoring and Assembly Project

Our extensive collection of galvanized washers, consisting of body washers, standard washers and square washers, provide the perfect solution for a wide range of sheet piling and construction projects. Made with precision and from high quality material, these rings ensure a strong and secure mounting.

Assortment Features

  • Body rings: Ideal for distributing the load over a larger surface area, reducing the risk of damage to your materials.
  • Standard Washers: An essential part of any mounting, providing extra support and stability.
  • Square Washers: Perfect for applications where angular forces are involved, these square washers provide even better load distribution.

Benefits of Our Galvanized Rings

  • Durability: The galvanizing protects against corrosion, which extends the lifespan of both the rings and the construction.
  • Various Sizes: Available in sizes M6, M8, M10, M12, M14 and M16, we offer a suitable ring for almost any mounting need.
  • Flexibility: Our rings are available by the box or by the piece, giving you the flexibility to purchase exactly the quantity you need for your project.

Ideal for Shoring and Construction Projects These rings are indispensable for ensuring the stability and durability of shoring, scaffolding, and other structures where reliable attachment is required.

Easy and Fast To Order Visit our webshop to view and order the full range. Simply select the desired type, size and quantity for your project.

Expert Support for Your Choice Do you need help choosing the right rings for your project? Our experienced team is happy to help you. Contact or call 0522-851551.

Choose Quality and Security Rely on our galvanized rings for reliable and long-lasting installation. Order now and experience the quality and strength that our products offer!

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