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Carriage Bolts Zinc Plated Per Box with Nuts

Carriage Bolts Zinc Plated Per Box with Nuts

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Top Quality Carriage Bolts: Essential for Strong and Durable Revetments

Your Partner for Reliable Building and Garden Constructions

Introducing our versatile collection of carriage bolts, essential for securely fastening revetments and other construction projects. Our carriage bolts, available in various thicknesses and lengths and packaged in handy boxes with accompanying nuts, provide the strength and reliability you need for any construction.

Diverse Range for Every Revetment Project

  • Thicknesses Available: M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16
  • Length variations: From 20mm to 300mm, with options every 10mm from 20mm to 200mm, followed by 220mm, 240mm, 260mm, 280mm, and 300mm.

Exceptional Strength for Revetments and More These carriage bolts are designed for heavy-duty applications, ideal for building sturdy and durable revetments. They are perfect for joining hardwood planks and beams, providing a solid solution for underwater and abovewater construction.

Robust and Weatherproof Each carriage bolt is manufactured with attention to durability, ensuring long-lasting performance, even in damp and wet environments. Their reliable quality makes them a favorite choice for sheet piling projects.

Simple and Safe to Use Thanks to the supplied nuts, you can get started without any worries. These carriage bolts guarantee a safe and stable attachment, essential for the integrity of your sheet piling structures.

Versatile and Reliable for Every Job Whether you are working on a small garden embankment or a large-scale hydraulic engineering project, our carriage bolts provide the strength and reliability you need.

Fast Order and Delivery Order easily via our webshop and receive your products quickly and efficiently at your location, ready for use in your project.

Expert Support Available For advice on the best choice for your sheet piling project or other questions, we are ready to help you. Contact or call 0522-851551 for professional support.

Choose Reliability and Durability Ensure yourself of the best quality for your sheet piling constructions with our carriage bolts. Order now and experience the benefits of our products and service.

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